Now days, Home Tuition (Private Tuition) is one of the most demanding platform for education. As we all know home tuition concept is not a new concept. This is a traditional and one of the oldest effective way of teaching. In our child hood, all of us went through home tuition in different format, for… Read More

Basically question papers are referred to get overview idea of full syllabus. Here in India we have a bad understanding to look for the question paper at the end of our courses. As soon as, we see the papers we get confused as well as scared that whether or not we know this answer. So… Read More

All of us know that class 10th board exam is one of the most entry criteria to do anything in our life. All students and their parents are taking very seriously to class 10th board. Every one want to get very good marks in their board exam, because based on board exam result only students… Read More

There are multiple part time job opportunities available now days. You can find lots of opportunities on internet like work from home as a form filling, data writing etc. But problem with it is very difficult to find the right place and getting recognition for your work. I can suggest one of the best part… Read More

Csquare Education was established in 2014. At that time our primary business was as a training institute from class 1st to 12th. We worked hard and invested lots of money but result was not as per expectations. Same time we have started Home Tuition (Private Tuition) but in initial days we did not focus on… Read More

Mathematics is a subject, for which we are having two different thoughts generally. Some people says mathematics is very defficult subject but other says this is very easy subject. Why two thought from defferent people? Let me tell you, if you want to learn mathematics then you only need to remember basic few concept and… Read More

Let start and understand, how home tuition is different than tutorial class. Let’s assume we have one hour session in tutorial and 20 students, Now tutor can answer max 15-20 questions and tutor can not focus on each student at same time. Price wise tutorial class is always cheaper than Home Tuition(Private Tuition). But quality… Read More