Try, Explore, Fail and then Succeed

Basically, learning is a process where you try, you explore, you fail and go on repeating until you succeed or learn. Learning shouldn’t be boundary restricted with this i mean to say that don’t go for learning things the way you did again and again. Try some new and adaptive method that suits you or adapt methods you are comfortable with. Don’t judge your intelligence or learning skills with anyone around you because this creates hurdle in your long term achievement or learning process.

As being born in middle class family and that to in India brings a lot of misfortune for us (Students) as we grow up knowing about that sharmaji’s son (sharma ji ka beta) who is the most perfect guy in school for every parent. Fine sharmaji’s son is awesome, he’s brilliant, he’s quick-learner, he’s perfect in every thing. But what i say is don’t see sharmaji’s son and start using his methods of learning. Yes, we should absolutely learn good things from what he has but not the method he has adapted.

Maybe that method worked for him fine and at the the same time it may not work for many of us. Try to find the way yourself, explore new ways of learning and if you fail with one try another one. This sharmaji’s son isn’t going to do something for you in future nor anyone else, it’s you who you should trust and work on. It’s you who should change the process of your definition not anyone else because we can only change the process not the result.


See, basically comparison is good for business purpose and many analysis but it’s not that useful or sometimes harmful when it comes to learning because if you compare yourself with the topper, you are disappointed and gain nothing. If you compare yourself with someone who fails or do not consider learning you just feel better that yes at least you are good then someone and again you gain nothing. So last remains is comparing yourself with students you think are of your capabilities, again no excitement no gain.

Now according to me these are only three categories in learning stage with whom a individual can compare themselves. But i see no benefit in comparison with all these categories, neither topper (sharmaji’s son) nor failure (according to me no one is failure) is going to teach me or help me overcome my weakness. They cannot teach me the best process that i should adapt for my learning process.

Learning is a process of gaining knowledge through studying books, experiences or being taught. Studying is a process of gaining knowledge just through studying books. So we can see their is clear difference in definition of two words that we have considered same for so long. Now, i was talking about boundaries that we create in our learning process in starting of my blog. So let’s understand what basically these boundaries are.

As i have noticed since my childhood every single person i met and came close to, create a certain boundary or expands the previous boundary in my learning process.  By saying this i mean that at first when a baby is born, he/she knows nothing about what is wrong or right at that phase their parents teaches them what’s wrong and what’s correct. Now this is the first boundary that baby made which will further expand as he/she meets more and more people in this world. Why i am saying this is just a boundary that parent gave to baby is because they don’t give all of the knowledge at once and nobody can give but again we need to walk out of that boundary to learn something more.

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